MPJ (7th Nov.1943 / New Silksworth / Sunderland Co/Durham England)


Won’t stop for long, just passing through
God’s Son is on the throne
His way of life we must pursue
Just like a rolling stone

We’re passing through, won’t stop for long
So much must yet be done
Our spirit sings a different song
Since knowing Christ God’s Son

No baggage have we need or take
No burden more to bear
The world from sleep we’ll soon awake
When news of Christ we share

So oft in Christ we’ve moved our home
To far off shores we’ll go
As nomads through this world we roam
Salvation’s Seed to sow

Though here or there, though far or near
God’s word we share with love
The world should know The Lord died here
That she may rise above

She needs to know The Truth today
She needs to see The Light
Her children too must Christ obey
To wear a robe of white

So we, the bride knowing God’s will
Should do the work at hand
Should pave the way to Zion Hill
As is our God’s command

Until the work on earth is done
We’ll labour not in vane
But till the last for Christ is won
As nomads we’ll remain

by Michael P. Johnson

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