BM (January 20th 1984 / Machakos - Kenya)

Non-Poisonous Snakes.

In the heart of Africa are footpaths sometimes trode by poisonous snakes.
On one of these, I meet my grandfather.
Good health young man.
Good health old man.
This is a path of snakes young man.
I'm brave old man.
Suddenly one appears.
I jump back in terror.
The old man is indifferent.
It approaches him.
He doesn't move... only watches.
Oh! It coils onto his walking stick then to his hand, to his neck.
He smiles... I close my eyes.
I open my eyes hoping not to see...True I don't see it.
Its gone.
They call themselves brave those who fear non-poisonous snakes... he mocks as he walks away!
How was I to know... I say to my self... that it was not poisonous?
Another one appears.
I'm not taking chances... I'm on my heels!

by Benson Muthoka

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