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Southern Road
TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)

Southern Road

Poem By Sterling Allen Brown

The republican candidates are all the same.
They want to be like the late Ronald Reagan.
The most popular criminal in American history.
He ended the Cold War and started many others.
He manipulated Latin America like it was a chess game.
He toyed with these poor innocent people.
Just because they were poor.
What? You thought that they were going to like it?
Now they despise you and you think you have the
right to call them your enemy and your foe?
You are their enemy...you left our children
with a huge debt and a huge moral hole to fill in.
Thank you for your fiscal responsibility
it has done us a world of good.
Thank you for the love and kindness that
you have shown the world...after all isn't
your champion Jesus Christ?
Thank you for the aid that you have given the world.
It has killed more than helped.
You are like Walmart...everywhere you have
gone you have taken over.
I just hope that the American people
pick not to shop in this store.

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politically interesting read. take care.