Nondenominational Domination

Poem By Barlot ...

Craving caffeine pills and coffee,
The room spins in circular motions.
The notion that this is normal...
Is seldom thought-
Much like your face on the body of a fetal pig,
And if you'd be as attractive under the chance.
Listen to my rants and I swear I won't repeat-
Only in the case if they're erased,
And then only due to time travel
When molecular structure is unraveled-
Mainly due to camels...
(The animal, not the tobacco) .
I saw a man riding past the window
Then Jesus told me to stop and wash his dirty toes
And tend the livestock.
I abided and then chided...
Some sort of liberal mock-
In which is expected of me...
'How cute, the little vegan girl is talking! '
The mocking proceeds in a Southern style.
In a while a new location is acquired
Though it seems still required to be off-
(It's in my genetics)
As well as being diabetic and tall.
I've got all the answers
And wit to match-
I'll hatch a plan for domination...
Nondenominational Domination!
(To please all factions of the church) .

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