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Hey you, I'm sorry to say its been a while.
Arn't you the one who walks around with
your head held high because you've got
everything to lose & nothing to gain?
Your perfect all around yet your pessimistic
ways suggest differently. laying down the
cement inside the ones who call you 'friend' so
that eventually it'll dry and they'll be half as
hard headed as you, right?
Think your as addicting as a drug
yet you cant see, just like the industries,
that you hurt more than benifit the ones around you.
Or maybe you can and I'm wrong,
but chances are I'm right.
And even when you go home your parents
spoil you to oblivion, and you love it right?
Of course, its every girls dream. Why wouldnt you?

Oh I see you, I know you all too well little girl.

You, the one who holds her head up high
because maybe if she believes it enough
it will have to true, a fact. A fact that she is
good enough, worth enough, beautiful
enough to be a part of this world. You, the
one who drains her 'aquantinces' of their
personality so that they can become enough
like her to be called 'friends' cause truth
be told she doesn't have any friends, any
real true friendships. Pretending that your
wanted and admired by the ones around
you so you can hide the fact that you dont
even want or like yourself let alone love.
And your parents spoil you but its not enough!
Cause while one is western union'ing you
some cash to go shopping the other is out at
the office. Wish life could be just a tad bit
simpler you honey. This is how you justify yourself?
This is how you reason with the ones who know
you better than you will ever know yourself?
No this is how you trick yourself. Its a game,
its always been a game. Cause if you run from
the truth, switch it up from time to time,
the truth can never hit you.

Yet it hit me, and hard!
And look Im still standing here, telling you
why things are the way they were.
Why you couldnt even escape the invisible
problems through unconsciousness.
Not because you had nightmares but
because you couldnt sleep! Remember?
If I remember you remember. Because I am
you, I was you. And still to this day I cant find
the reason why things happened so, but that
was it. I've come to the realization that there
wasnt any reason. None.

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