EG ( / Iowa)


You think the war is just begun
You think you are going to have some fun,
You think you’ve got me pinned down,
But I am moving to higher ground

I have come armed for war
With weapons that you never knew before
With words of wit
And candies and mints
I cannot lose
I cannot quit

I’ve got things up my sleeve
Of which you’ve never dreamed
Some of them I have already done
And some of which are still to come

I have the upper hand
And oh is it so grand
To make you happy
To make you glad
To make you smile when you’re sad
To bring joy to your face
I for all this I would endure disgrace

That’s MY goal
That’s MY war
And it will be fought for evermore
By the men who see what’s right
And hold chivalry aloft against the tide

I will fight!

by Edward Grey

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