Memories Of A Kiss

You have the ability
To make me crumble
With your written words

And yet, you can lift me higher
As you exhale a deep kiss

The high taste sweeter
Coming from your lips

Mixed together
The poison and antidote
Rolls around in my chest

Another memory
is being created

As every memory before it,
It's one we will never forget

Here is to the poison
Here is to the antidote
Here is to the memories
Here is to remembering

by Federico del Corazón

Comments (5)

I've seen many faces But none were as assuring For none compares to you! Wow, a beautiful poem dear poet to start with. Lovely crafting. Your poetic skills are superb. Carry on dear. 10+++
A lovely piece of poetry! I appreciate your powerful expression: I've seen many faces/But none were as assuring/For none compares to you! Each stanza carries substantial interpretations! Appreciated....10
Beautiful rendition of words from the heart. Well conceived love poem that resonates with the vibration of the soul. lovely and very passionate. Thanks for sharing Sheila and do remain enriched.
A fine start with a nice poem, Sheila. You may like to read my poem, Love and Lust. Thanks
Sheila! Sheila! ! Sheila! ! ! I am tempted to hail you again and again. This poem has class. Highly metrical and classically rhythmic. I think you should write more. Trust me, none compares to you.