Poem By Gee Cii Schnider

I am nonexistent
In your eyes

Do you not see me
Do you not know me
By the way you act this is true

I am nonexistent
You left
And now
You don’t know me

I am nonexistent
I am invisible
I am unknown

Have I disappeared from existence
You act as though I have
I don’t exist in your eyes

Is hatred so overwhelming
I disappear
I don’t exist anymore

I am nonexistent
I am invisible
I am unknown

I don’t exist anymore

Does anyone?
Do you know anyone?
Other than the three people you see every day
Are we all nonexistent in your eyes?
Do you care if we get hurt?
Would you care if we die?

Do you cry towards memories?
Or do you forget us all together?
Do you know who we are
If we see your pitiful face at random?

Would you ever know us?
Or are we drained from your mind?

sometime early 2006

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