Vampires, Werewolfs, Elders

I don't know what happened
Here then gone with the blink of an eye
Slipping away, hearing your voice on the motorcycle
Jumping off cliffs struggling to stay above
Running through crowds of people waiting to be slaughtered
Into the stone arms of my vampire sweetheart
making conversations to change with the blood suckers
Voiding the truce with the protectors
Would cause so much pain
But in the end so much better
Turning my back on my werewolf
For the vampire

by Sarah matthews

Comments (4)

So nisce it really helps a lot especially to the young learners
I like it. Could be used for a children's book.
This is really CUTE! ! What a great poem to use for learning the alphabet.
A n excellent rhyme in the poem and it is about schooling which the children likes the poem.