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JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)


Normal? What is normal?

Normal is guys,
Driven by what they are told
Is manhood, giving away what should be
Kept for the future.

Normal is smoking, pumping your body
With whatever you can get your hands on,
Junkies, with nothing going for them-
If you don't love you, who will, right?

Normal is girls, sleeping around,
Giving their bodies
For a pocketful of cash-
The pure ones go for free.

Normal is gossip, hate, love- physical.
Normal is the attention-getting
Of our generation.
The normalcy of this generation is lost
To those who strive for attention.
Glorywhores, longing for a sip of
The focus of their peers,
A sip of what they are told is normal.
They long for a drink of this normalcy,
But they are looking in a desert,
And are finding none.

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