Normal Girl

Normal girl-
You'll never be

Normal girl-
You'll never be

To me,
This normalcy,
Average Jane,
How boring!

Give me a girl
Who views life with an artistic slant
-That is to say, who thinks differently
Than everyone else says she should.
I'm sorry, Normal Girl-
You just have nothing to offer me.

Give me a girl
Who scorns the normal,
Choosing instead to live life
According to something other than peer pressure.
That is what I want.

Normal Girl-
I'm so sorry, but you can't have me.
You don't fit that description.

And for you, My Girl, whoever you may be,
I know what you are,
Maybe not who you are.
But I know that you are not normal.
And to you, I say,
Watch out. If you are different,
You are
That means,
I'm coming after you.
Look out!

by James Grengs

Comments (2)

so is this one bout me, cus it better not be! ? ! ? ! ? ! J.S.
Yeah! One for the crazy girls! JK Very good james, fun and playful. Flirty even... Good job! adria