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Normal Girl
JG (10.31.86 / Attleboro, MA)

Normal Girl

Normal girl-
You'll never be

Normal girl-
You'll never be

To me,
This normalcy,
Average Jane,
How boring!

Give me a girl
Who views life with an artistic slant
-That is to say, who thinks differently
Than everyone else says she should.
I'm sorry, Normal Girl-
You just have nothing to offer me.

Give me a girl
Who scorns the normal,
Choosing instead to live life
According to something other than peer pressure.
That is what I want.

Normal Girl-
I'm so sorry, but you can't have me.
You don't fit that description.

And for you, My Girl, whoever you may be,
I know what you are,
Maybe not who you are.
But I know that you are not normal.
And to you, I say,
Watch out. If you are different,
You are
That means,
I'm coming after you.
Look out!

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Comments (2)

so is this one bout me, cus it better not be! ? ! ? ! ? ! J.S.
Yeah! One for the crazy girls! JK Very good james, fun and playful. Flirty even... Good job! adria