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Normandy - Encore

A miracle.
Choral halleluia winds
blow through the garden
strings. Ears deafened
by a winter of noise
turn their eyes
toward the song
of silence.

waltz and sway,
bowing their heads
in humbled witness
to summer's concert
on the cliffs.

Eight bars in,
a car horn barks
out of tune.
Symphony broken,
audience coughing,
tranquility heads
out to sea.

Should you hear
the maestro, direct
him to Jersey.
Our time here
is fading,
and we could use
a tune to hum
from time to time.

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Comments (4)

I like your creative expressive poem about silence and being alone. The metaphor of a symphony for the sounds of life is a good one...except for that car horn that barked! What an interruption. I was attracted to your poem by the first two lines..Alone. A miracle. I wanted to put an exclamation point after that miracle. I live in a house with three loud boys, so when I think, Alone...A miracle...I'm either in the bathroom...or everyone is at school...otherwise, I am never alone, and I am always being hunted down by someone! :) . But here in this poem, I imagine alone refers to alone and quiet in a loud bustling city..maybe Jersey? The whole poem is beautiful and expressive, but then you pulled in humor and fun at the end. I enjoyed this! :)
Like a fine wine... Soothing and serene with an inspired twist on the back end. Lovely!
Love the seaside imagery of this piece, a soothing symphony of solitude. -chuck
Something about the flow of this piece just caught me and pulled me along. A grand bit of craft Lori.