Nostalgia - The Sweetest Pain

Years rushed by
With pages of calendar
Life took many turns
Traveled different routes

Today, I took a ‘U' turn
And walked along a road
That took me years back
Down the memory lane

March-the month of Nostalgia
Filled my eyes once again
She never fails to remind
How I miss my college days

Those happy times, silly fights
Secret crushes and boring lectures
Carefree days, cheerful ways
Some tears, loads of joy

Friends who cared and shared
The fun we had together
Those moments stay fresh
For a lifetime and beyond

Once again, all alone
I walked that corridor…
And through the stained window
Peered into the classroom

I could hear and see it all
Our voice, the merry making…
Me, sitting by that corner bench
Smile on my face, dreams in my eyes

Those days are gone, I know
But the memories are safe
With me, with you, with all of us
0h! Nostalgia- the sweetest pain!

by Deepthi Vincent

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