Nostalgias Of A Walk Home

today, it feels like something is missing...
yet it's only a day of not being with you,
and i find myself tearful as i walk through
the same pathway that we take together
when we'd escape from the world and go home to
my place, where we would lock ourselves inside my room the
whole day- endless conversations, the loud laughter,
tearful moments as we count the days before highschool
'life' and doing all the possible craziest things that
would come to our crazy minds.
walking home alone is a painful nostalgia,
remembering how you'd take my hand and smile at me,
even going home without you is not really easy,
because your laughter echoes in my room, and i can still see
you sleeping in my bed...
and i just constantly miss you...
and i tell you, i know my life will never be the same again.
the moment my world clashed with yours,
everything changed...
then i know, walking home without you
will always be a killer...
because my home means YOU! !

by manoelle perez

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Beautiful words and very soulful....I love this poem. Thank You