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Nostalgic Memories Of Doctors
(14-2-1957 / Tamilnadu, India)

Nostalgic Memories Of Doctors

Poem By Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,

We met; we read and played in one college;
We were so lucky to be Stanleans!
Those were the pleasant days, we can’t forget;
The nostalgic memories are evergreen!

But that was more than four decades ago!
The 'flock that grazed the Stanley lawns' was big;
Today, the size has come down by a third;
Some wonderful souls have perished and gone.

The landscape seems so changed though earth remains;
Some trees are gone while others appear cut;
New ones are growing rather very fast!
The air is diff’rent but our thoughts are same.

We miss the ones who are not live today;
Some were stalwarts and doyens, teachers great;
Some sacrificed their lives for patients' sake,
While others taught their students to do feats.

To some life’s journey on earth is over;
To some, the road traveled nears to an end;
To some, their count-down seems to have begun;
Nevertheless, our life was something great.

Those days will never come back- we all know;
The thoughts of yester-years- we will cherish;
We live with hope renewed in years to come,
And do our duty until we vanish!

Today, our hearts have emotions mixed;
Anguish because some loved ones are no more;
And joy because many are living still,
And hope because some years more lie ahead.

This is the way our life on earth goes on;
We take new lanes but share a common aim;
Though some excelled the others in this race,
God knows how each one played the game of Life!

Today, the remnant members meet and pray,
'God give eternal rest to souls that left,
And some more useful years for those alive,
To serve the sick and dying, suff'ring, souls! '

We are the lucky survivors today!
Our past looks great; our future is more so;
We want to leave our footprints on Time's sands
-Indelible for progeny always!

We thank Thee Lord for all our happiness;
We thank Thee God for strength of heart and will;
We thank Thee Lord for blessings Thou didst give;
We thank Thee God for making us Doctors!

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