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PU (07-01-1949 / Kutoarjo)


I stand on the railway balustrades
To my hometown
I saw the railwaytrack move quickly
farther and farther from me
which left of thousand memories

Which the wind flied there
The train through the city
Which always arouseyearn for
After we love together

Your face always appear
In happiness and sorrow
In my pray
When I work

In the deep reflection
In a life and love
Integrated in every of word
Which I ever spoken

Whatever happens in up to ones's ears
My deepest love as like as deepest ocean

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Comments (2)

Impressed by the images depicted in this poem. I see a lonely figure standing to view a loved one who travels to distances leaving a heart that cares. I see a face remembered and happiness shared between them is missed. Aside for a few 'spelling' errors and a word or two I'm not familiar with that I identify with the English language...I think this poem conveys its meaning and purpose. i like it. L
English is obviously not your native tongue and unfortunately your poem has lost something due to this. However, if you can iron out these little creases, I think it would be very good. Please email me if you would like me to help. Kind regards Gyp's