Not A Concern Do I Keep

If I am discriminated against,
Because of my skin color, low income...
Where I live and credentials obtained,
That are not faked on a resume to impress...
Those who pass judgements,
On whether or not I qualify...
To be accepted to live a life,
Only 'they' say for me is right! ?
Well, I am not the one to stay awake,
Harboring a bitterness with sleepless nights!

The benefits of my knowledge,
And documented experience...
Eventually creates their dismay!
Not mine.
I know my capabilities, skills and abilities.
And not a concern do I keep when rejected.
To empathize in secret weeping,
Over those who awaken too late to discover...
What I came to offer could have been theirs,
Long after what I had proposed to negotiate...
With little pay expected is exposed to be known.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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