Not A Decision One Makes

It's often difficult for many to face.
Life experienced is about change.
With acceptance, disappointments...
And getting over rejection,
Part of that which is lived...just 'is'.

Is it a quiz or a puzzle,
With pieces scattered about to figure out?
Is anyone immuned from living life in doubt?
And who has not had a bout with an opponent?
Everyone who lives will come to face obstacles.
No lives without opening a door to have one closed.

Nothing about life stays the same.
From those first steps taken to one's most recent fall,
Someone is going to perceive a lesson taught to teach...
With a doing sometimes preached,
Has been purposely presented to have their life stalled.
To have them feeling bounced around like a basketball.

Heartbreak and splits to end valued relationships,
Could be avoided to have emotions rollarcoast through this...
Life lived to do is to experience the change!
Only those in denial,
Do it to convince 'themselves' they have remained the same.

But few who live have this decision to make...
Whether or not they will move out of the way.
As if a choice of permanence,
Will bestow upon them immortality.
The only choosing we do is to reminisce and that's it.
But getting out the way is life and not a decision one makes.

We are blessed with the earning to go through this process.
But no one has proven they have found a remedy to stop it.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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