Not A Glimpse - Where He Used To Be

I went out in the room rushing
carrying my bag full of stuff
hoping he was there
sitting on the wooden chair
so i walked fast as i could
towards the huge sala
he was not there
even a glimpse of shadow
has not appeared
the feeling of excitement
was suddenly vanished
all you can see
was a empty dull face
of a frustrated being
that can never be recovered
after a minute had gone
nothing has changed
but a stupid human noise
irritates my sensitive ear
made me decides
to walked away
and never returned
in a place of unconsiderable
irritating, humiliating creatures
that sense for nothing
for a disappointed being.
How could he,
not there in the sala
where he used to be there,
for he knows i'll passed there
then dropped a while
to sit beside him
talked for a moment
in a minute of time
before i'll be back home
in the dark starry night.

by cris sison

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