Not A Magician

Give me back my virginity.
I've changed my mind,
I want it back!
You are no soul mate to me.
You tricked me into giving it up.
And I thought forever we would be.
But as soon as we were through...
You told me you had others to do!
That's nasty.
Give me back my virginity.
I want to search for someone else,
My virginity will please.
Someone who's not so quick...
To strip and get it over with.
Someone who likes it fresh.
And tells me I'm the best.
Someone who moans and sighs,
When in between my...

'Mrs. Brown?

Yes, Doctor Smith.

'I can help you stop smoking if you wish.
It seems as though you have regressed.
Your issues with sex,
Must be discussed at other scheduled sessions! '


'I am a hypnotist, Mrs. Brown.
Not a magician!
I don't have those kinds of powers!
Not at these hourly rates! '

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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