Not A Master Of Semantics

No need to argue with or convince me,
As to who you are.
Or your true identity.

I am not the one taking a random survey.
Nor am I the one to issue you a certificate...
With an approval of a test passed,
Bona fide with flying colors...
No one but you have yet to get.

But I will say you seem to regret,
Something about yourself.
There is a bit of low self esteem,
You seem to carry...
With a leaning that demeans.

And you are quick to toss about accusations.
As if you have yet arrived,
With a solid determination...
At your own destination.

But that is from my own observation.
Since I hear you vocalize freely...
Your undivided and candid,
Loose lipped...
Unsolicited indignation.
You seem to voice without hesitation.
Kept secluded...
In a more conservative reservation.

'I see you are not above being opinionated...
With your selected choice of words.'

Of course not!
I just try not to be judgemental.

'Is there a difference? '

I don't know!
I'm not a master of semantics.
But I do enjoy the sound of vowels.
Whenever I am given that opportunity.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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