Not A Random Giver

If you ask for my opinion...
Do not expect me to be subjective.
I may neglect to be objective.
With a purpose to reflect,
Upon your connection.

And if you ask from a hypothetical stance.
Do not ready yourself,
For me to sing with you...
In a tune we both can dance.

And if you should ask for my opinion,
Do not get angered if I have none at all.
At least none I would share face to face.
Since what you may ask...
May take away time I care not to waste.
Especially if I can scent a hint...
What you ask is for a survey you take.
And I am not a random giver!
Or one who is quick...
To deliver to those seeking charity.

I've donated everything...
From sperm to a raised eyebrow!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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You were in a more giving mood than you relized.... :)