(5-6-1935 / )

! Oh! Woman

Blooming in the day, lighting in the dark,
Spread the scent of love Oh! Jasmine
What if you are white, fair or black?
You are the nectar of love for your swain

Refreshing in the sunlight;
Sheltering under the rain
Fill your home with nectar of love
Be it new, be it old
You are always the life of your love.

In the chilly winter, in the monsoon rains
Bless your lover with the heart full love,
Be it cold, be it warm
Whatever it is you are his solace

Even when sad, with a smile
Spread the happiness to your loved ones
In happiness, or in mourning
You have been always his inspiration

Dancing in the storm, loving the Lord
Brightening the house oh! Lady
Arriving In famine, caring the worry
Blow your trumpet to the world

Walking along After dark,
Growing in the light
Your friendship is the light of life.
Making Night a day, minutes a decade,
Love your loved one all the way

(A translated poem-from kannada)

by Vidyadhar Durgekar

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