Not Afraid Man

Poem By David Wilson

spick span tip top, clean
top of the game, fresh ass, thats what i mean
im not gonna lie bout the things that i see
neva been hood, always been good
neva been shot, yet i talk a lot
cuz im not afraid, na man, not afraid
point a gun, ill shiver, but neva cry a river
ill stand, not cower, whether for a minute or an hour
not afraid, na man, not afraid
keep my eyes up, and my hands down
less im holdin up a finger, to the punks who wanna linger
i got game, so imma bring her
not afraid man, na man, not afraid
eyes wide, in the middle, not standin on the side
hell no, im in the match, not a spectator
when the girl interrupts, tell her imma holla later
aint sayin im gettin her n the elevator
just sayin imma holla later
dont change the words, dont complicate
just read and understand, dont contemplate
not talkin trash bra, na not talkin trash
just sayin, im not hustlin, but i still got cash
got stuff man, hell yeah, good stuff
neva fought, but i can be rough
ask me anything, ill answer
dont blame me if u get cancer
from this ill shit
just call back, and maybe imma answer
dont blame me if u get lit
im just doin what i do, yeah man, what i do
i aint got a thing against u, na man, not a thing
im not talkin trash man, na not talkin trash
but i aint afraid man, na man, neva scared

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