Not Afraid To Yell For Help

Who and what I am...
I am.
I have not spent my life,
Being anyone else.
Except when in the role of 'acting'.
And once I studied to do that well...
It was suspected I was doing that,
ALL the time.
Especially by those who knew nothing,
About that field of my creative endeavors.

Who and what I am...
I am.
Inquisitive and observant.
Empathetic but not too emotional.
My sister Mim and my mom,
Were the only ones who ever saw me cry.
And they are Virgos!
That's all I am saying about that!

I just know it has been my experience,
To observe the 'workings' of Virgos.
Oh, they can work up those emotions.
And be very dramatic about it!

And those two 'emoted' me for thrills,
With their no nonsense approach.
I guess!
Whatever they do...
It works. For me, anyway.

I hold them responsible for any success,
I've achieved.
They have 'high' standards.

I've been blessed,
To have had some great teachers in my life.

I 'had' this innocent, inexperienced presence.
So that too attracted unsolicited 'teachings'.
Of all kinds.

God knows better than I,
How He does what gets done.
I just obey!
I make attempts.
And as long as I know God has my back...
Attempts will be made to test fresh waters.
And I am not afraid to yell for 'help',
If I get into something that is going to be too deep!
Or over my head.

Walking in faith,
Allows the 'what' and 'how' of the 'who' I am...
Be 'me'.
And with all of that going on?
I am spoiled and quite stubborn.

I don't buy into that...
'It's either my way or the highway' BS either.
I've walked many a road,

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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