AY (August 15,1989 / Toronto, Ontario)

Not Alone

She was alone,
All alone.
Feelings of loneliness
and sorrow gave way to
tiny salt droplets which
trickled down her cheeks
like running water.
Her thoughts cried out
In her brain, more alive than ever.
How could they?
How could they leave me to sink like this?

Deceit blazed vehemently like a fire
in their eyes,
but she had been too blind to see it.
She had been led into believing
they were her 'friends'
But she had been stupid,
to believe that their friendship
was for real.

The least they could
have done was understand,
Give her another chance,
What was done, was done.
But they let her sink in her own
wallowing pit of darkness,
without offering a hand to
lift her up.

'We're your friends'
they had said.
The kind of friends
that would always be there.
The kind of friends
that wanted the best for her,
and claimed they would
be there to support her.
The kind of friends
she thought she could trust.

But they had lied.
Gave her false hope,
let her down hard.
Wasn't it enough that she was
beating herself up about it?
Did they have to do it too?

She wasn't sure
how much more she could take.
With her every tear,
She sank deeper,
and deeper yet.

'Help me' she cried,
now down to her neck
in the deep cavernous black pit.
But her 'friends' walked away,
As if they hadn't heard a thing.

But just when she could
barely keep up any longer,
He came.
He reached down
with one swift motion,
and lifted her out.
Out of her darkness.
Out of her suffering
and discouragement.
Out of it all.

His beautiful, forgiving face
gave her a sense of warmth
and courage she had never felt before.
With him by her side,
She felt sheltered.

She was taken away,
gazing into his tender pupils,
which locked with hers
in love and understanding.

'I'm here for you.”
He spoke daintily,
his every word
coated with savory honey.
“I don't want you to sink.
You are very precious to me.
Know that, I'm your friend'

His arms enveloped her into
his comforting fold,
then gently pushed her on her way.
'Thank you Jesus' she whispered,
then she turned and went along the
rest of her journey,
Knowing she was Not Alone.

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