MK (29-01-1987 / Hoorn/the Netherlands)

Not Alone

No call, no email
No book, no movie, no poem
No coffee, no massage
No one that says: Hey come on, keep your head held high!

No flowers, no photograph
No song, no letter, no company
No mother, no preacher
No one to turn to when it all goes downhill again

No kiss, no love
No friend, no brother, no neighbour
No sunshine, no light
No one to love and to comfort me in these dark days

But the thing I want the most right now;
Is someone that would sing to me:
You are not alone

Not alone
Not alone
Not alone

Someone that sings:
You are not alone

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Comments (4)

Yes I know so many people don't like him although don't know him but Micheal Jacksons song still says it best as far as i'm concerned.Great write Love Duncan
Melissa, listen to Solomon ('the song of Solomon' I should say) : -) You can add me to your list of companions as well. Love yourself and take care of yourself. Kind regards, Gina.
Hi Melissa, Hope you don't still feel like that. Solomon must have cheared you up at least just a little bit. He certainly made me smile. All the best Gyp's
Hey come on, keep your head held high! Awwww, you're not alone Melissa. You are so not aloooooooooone deeeeeeaaarest Meliiiiiiiisa. O' yeah because, you have beauty deeeeeeep insiiiiide of youuuuuuuu. And it shines brightlllyyyyyyyyy through and through, keep your head up and be to yourself truuuuuuuue. For we are here togetheeeeeeer, me and youuuuuuu. Ooooooo, you soooooo not alone. Noooooot aaaaaaaaaaaaaa.......loooooooonnnnnnne. Hows that? I need to work on my tenors. :)