Not Alone In This

I may not be,
The brightest candle to shine.
On a cake with other candlesticks on it.
Nor am I the only one,
To have had an array of different experiences.
And if I was to run in any Olympic event.
I may be the last one to finish,
Long after the event had ended.
But this I do know from the day I was born.
There is nothing that has ever showed me.
I was blessed with life,
To tolerate and commit myself...
With a putting up to endure,
Someone else's nonsense.
And I am sure as God is my witness.
I am not alone in this to admit.
To leave others to discover,
What they bring will be left where it is.
If it should not provide me some benefit.
I'm not living my life to do it in doubt.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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