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Not Another Smoking Poem
Lori Boulard ( / )

Not Another Smoking Poem

Sunk in my seat in a meeting at 3,
in a chair better suited for interrogation,
I officially sign off my attention
and jump visually out the window.
I spot smokers lingering below, and envy them
as a child watching fresh falling snow
from an overheated classroom.

Just one drag, I dream, to reassemble my parts.
Instant clarity on fire,
neatly wrapped travel-size.
A one-way nonstop ticket back to myself
I stare lustfully, hoping for calm through osmosis
and pressure-treated glass.
I imagine the sensation of that first deep breath
and the peace that inevitably follows.
I practice a zen-like inhale…exhale…
Then, like a school bell rudely ringing, I suddenly remember

I don’t smoke.

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I think that a strong poem always has a strong ending, a good poem needs a strong ending - you have perfected your endings which is something I really enjoy about your poetry. the metaphores melt into one another like a swishing ocean and the subject is perfect. Oh, and by the way; I do Smoke..
With that title, was expecting something completely different. A clever, highly observant piece. 'I stare lustfully, hoping for calm through osmosis / and pressure-treated glass' is delightful. Well, I shall read on, McDuff. Oh, and thanks once more for noticing my forum rantings. If anything, it brought me here. Greg XXO
Poor me! am I ever on the fence about this one. I am an EX smoker, and I can so clearly see both sides of this one. The longing for. and final exhaltation in that first drag after a stressful, boring, tiring, etc. afternoon - AH, Freedom at last - and then I remembered - I don't smoke. FABLOUS PERSPECTIVE on this one. Scarlett
I love the twist at the end Lori! I'm glad you don't smoke. I agree though that it would be nice to have something that gave us that instant calming feeling that smokers get from their cigarrettes. (But, I wouldn't want to die from it) :) I enjoyed this very much! Sincerely, Mary
hey Lori! wow a very good one. and it is great that u don't smoke trust me. LOl and keep up the good work looking forward to read more of ur work. peace and love on earth **KoNi**
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