Not Being Supportive

The more I subject myself to listen to you...
The more inclined I find I should,
Hear your words in my head.
Instead of in my heart.
Where at times you have taken my happiness...
And anchored it with burdens.
Feeling weighted down with a ton of lead!
That awaits for you to quickly depart!

You bring more misery around,
Than anything I have read by Edgar Allan Poe.
Your gloom would chase away Vincent Price,
From the attraction of sparkling Christmas lights,
And a welcome mat at someone's front door.

Pain and grief seems to be your first and last names.
There has not been a time,
You have not been complaining or found time to whine.
And then you accuse me of not being supportive of your needs?

'Where are you going?
Why do you leave? '

I've decided you are right!
I have not been supportive of your needs.
And since we do agree I have neglected yours...
I am going to make sure my own are going to be taken care of,
That's where I am going.
And I don't expect or seek your assistance at all!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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