DG (2/27/94 / mexico)

Not Broken, Just Beaten

Don't try to fix me
No! don't even.
Im not broken, but my heart
is a little bit beaten.

You might not want to,
because it might be hard, when you attempt, you might feel like you are talking to a wall.
or it feels like im very far.

When you do try to get stuff out of me,
I WILL start to cry.
You painfully listen to what I have to say,
and wished you never gave it a try.

But if I trust you just enough,
ill tell you things with tears here and there,
about the things I go through
and the things I can't bare.

You might say, 'NO BIG DEAL'
well let me tell you something.
You're not me.

I might not look like I describe myself.
I hide the real side and don't let it show.
When I have one of those days,
I don't look like a friend or foe.

Sometimes I feel like a ghost, every one ignores my feelings,
but if you're really my friend,
then you won't flee me.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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Wow.. Deep.. I can relate.. We all hide a side of ourselves.. I hope you take care... and Be well. Nice write btw.