Not Buying The Flattery

Why do you disbelieve,
Kept dreams can be made to come true?

'It's not that I disbelieve it.
I just had not witnessed any of them.'

Those of others?
Or those of your own you refuse to accept.

'I have yet to witness any of 'my' dreams come true.'

I disagree with you.
You once said to me,
You would never graduate from high school.
And even though it took you ten years to do it,
You did.

'That wasn't really a dream.
I got tired of being called a fool.'

To me it is much more than that.
You went back to prove those people wrong.
And today you are too ambitious.
With impatience that's much too strong.

'Then what do you call this? '

I would call it a miracle.
Since it seems it has taken me decades,
Just to deal with my impatience alone.

'But haven't you had your dreams come true? '

Yes I have.
The more I witnessed a few of them come true,
I'm not satisfied to sit.
I become extremely spoiled.

'You are blessed.'

I know.
And that's my test.
The more I am blessed,
The more demanding and spoiled I get...
To see more of my dreams come true.
The wanting to witness more dreams come true,
Never ends.

'So what do you do? '

I've tried flattery.
But somehow God wants more from me.
And not buying the flattery at all.

'Maybe your dreams have become too extreme.'

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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