Not Da Same Anymore

i known u ma whole life
and u were always there 4 me
but now i look at u differently
cuz u turned ur back and gave up on me
even though u say u didn't i still feel u did
cuz when i told u something dat was hard 4 me 2 say
i told me 2 go see someone else
and believe it or not dat hurt me more den u can imagine
i trusted u
i told u what was wrong
and instead of helping me u brushed me off
i understand if u couldn't help
or if u thought it was to much
but it's ok i been brushed off before
so just 2 let u know i don't need 2 anymore
so dis is it
dis is how i feel there's nothing 2 it
and dis is how i'm gonna end it.

by andrea felix

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