LM (22-05-1987 / Perth, Australia)

Not David

In life you are my friend
As true as can be and I
Suspect you shall ever be no more.
But somehow as I drift
into this world of sleep, I
give you a dearer name still.


It's not your christian name.
I have never called you so
and I'd never to your face name you such.
But somehow my subconcious
mixed up the two of you
and it's funny but it shook me so...


To some it seems odd and you
must think there be
some other person in my life by this name
Though his presence was brief
he never breathed this worlds air
except through the pages


Do not toy with me, for I break easily
I'm still searching my david out.
In my dream you are he, and it thus frightened me.
Have I found him so young or do I search still.

David Copperfeild.

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