Not Deterred By Your Point Of View

It is not my purpose in life,
To advise you on 'your' direction.
Or suggest which path to take,
On your journey.
Nor from me will there be recommendations.

If it should upset you,
That my vision remains focused...
And not deterred by your point of view,
Keep this in mind...
You are not my destination.

It does appear that you are an obstacle,
That wishes to block my mission...
With a stirring up of my feelings of guilt,
With a delay of an empathy you await to be given.

You've done a good job.
All is not lost.
I passed a few procrastinators,
Along on my journey.
Be patient.
Someone will eventually buy your nonsense.
As for me...
Your routine is too familiar.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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