Not For Me

Tempted to ask you your name,
to introduce myself to you,
give you a kiss on the cheek,
showing you my interest.

As I am one which loves you,
wanting you to be mine,
for you to take time to be with me,
as I want to get to know you.

Yet I hesitate, looking at you from afar,
not knowing what to do, what to say,
not even knowing what you think,
and if you have ever seen me.

I have known you most of my life,
yet knowing so little about you,
just knowing you are perfect,
and that I need you in my life.

So I get up from my chair toward you,
and striking a wall which holds me,
as my body feels heavy and sinks,
returning my empty figure to the chair.

As I see you greet another person,
with that look I have wanted from you,
that of outer most sweet love,
making me look away and smile.

As I was once told by someone wise,
love only comes to a limited number,
and is never seen ever again in life,
so you can only love one person.

Yet he followed with a warning,
love isn't for all who have felt,
specially when you know they aren't for you.
if you truly love someone, let them go.

by Javier Falcon

Comments (4)

Your title sets the mood of your poem. Very poignant. Ten for your honesty and depth of feeling. Warm regards, Sandra
Oh Jay, this is so sad. It reminds me of that old saying, 'If you love someone, set them free, if they come back, they're yours, if they don't, they never were.' Gosh, I guess that leaves me pretty lonely for the rest of my life. How despairing. Take care Sweetheart, love, Catie :)
I agree with Tom, a very good piece, you write from your heart, and i love that about you
This is a really great piece,10+ regards Tom