Not For Me

Poem By Terry Collett

Not for me she said
I don’t want to end up
like my mother
I want to reach out

and touch real life
and not end up
some man’s wife
and be endlessly

at his beck and call
and she sat
by the pond
looking over

to the other side
where the woods were dense
and reached out
and touched your hand

and you wondered
if there were still fish
in the pond
and if when

you brought your rod
the following day
you’d catch any
and you liked the way

the sunlight caught
the pond’s skin
and she said
I want to feel

being alive
feel the electric of life
run through my veins
and she leaned over

and kissed you
and placed her hand
between your thighs
and touched the hardness

of your crotch
and you said
do you know how big
the fish was

that got away
when I fished here last?

And she said
no but I know how big
the one I’ve caught is
and laughed

and released her hand
and gave you one
of her stares with her
large passionate eyes

and you noticed
a lone big bird in black
moving across
the bright blue skies.

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