Not From Notes To Review

You've got to bring your 'A' game.
With 'B'' through to 'Z'.
If you inrend with me to play.

Don't slouch or slack.
Holding back to prepare notes.
Anticipating them to me given.

If you have come with a notion,
Your slow motions...
Need not to stay alert.
In dust you will be left behind.
To find the blinding of it hurts.
And I hope whatever the results may be,
Neither one of us leaves...
Without personalizing reality.

You see...
Games to me are too childish to play.
To not have a lesson learned that stays.
And one of us will be left,
With 'something' that has been taught.
Not from notes to review.
But from the process kept to remember.

I'm ready to take what you've got.
And if it's a lesson to learn,
It will not be forgotten soon.
If it is discovered I've taught one to teach,
Forgetting it I'm already prepared to do.

And, again...
Not from notes to review.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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