Not Gifted With That Kind Of Wealth

Within the framework
Of who it is I am.
And all that I am,
Is my purpose to nurture.
And I do not see that as being perfected,
Any time soon.
I have been given too much personal work to do!
I have not yet been approved,
Or granted the right...
To pass judgements!
I am too busy being grateful,
For the blessings I have
To explore the lives of others.
Their present, future or past!
Especially when business that is being conducted,
Is not shared for a mutual benefit!
And I am not gifted with that kind of wealth,
To bestow on others...
With a probing that does not concern me.
In other words...
I respect the definition of privacy.
And what that means.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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Sir Lawrence, Very cleverly written....very well said. Cathy