Not Given To Play With

Remaining fixed to stick with,
A gift one is given to slowly unwrap it...
Is better to do when one is young,
If an interest is developed and one is instructed.

But to take that same gift,
To quickly ignore the intent and purpose meant...
Is often not revealed,
Until one realizes after aging through stages...
What makes one the most happiest,
To return to that 'gift' one had taken for granted.

'I see you are still carrying around,
That same pen and pad to play with.
You've been playing with that for many years.'

~I only recently discovered,
It was not given to play with.
There is 'something' about the having of it,
That is much cheaper than going to a therapist.~

'That's impressive.'

~I never thought one day,
Just how cost effective it would be.~

'Do you mind sharing some of your thoughts with me? '

~I don't mind at all.
But don't take the thoughts I express,

'Don't be silly.
Why should I? '

~You'd be surprised, as I was...
To discover how 'my' thoughts can offend those I don't know.
Even after they have asked me to share them.

'Then don't reveal them.'

~And if I don't,
You would be offended.
Believing them to be about you.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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