Not Gone Very Far

Not gone very far
Silence became Grey
Words getting bogged down
Dreams gone away into lies
Eyes have been shot down
One more please

Not gone very far
Jigsaw broke in wedges
Time still part of God
Smile had lost a friend
Pain remained for me
One more please, double

Not gone very far
Shine in hell as they have prepared
Death has made slaves from others
Take it easy was their broken race
Troubles have been their leads
One more please, triple

Not gone very far
Happiness doesn't exit
Love has been resort
Reproduction was the answer
Animal they were, beast they stay
Killing for freedom, fucking for loyalty
One more please, to the brim

Travels so hard, travels into death
Makes me down very far
No one on my way
Not gone very far anyway
Not gone very far at all
One more please, a bottle
Till hearing voices of silence

by Etienne Dugland

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