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(not) Good Enough
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(not) Good Enough

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Seldom is a success to wish it,
Begins as a calculated strategy.
To achieve a satisfying result.

A success that comes is not that easy.
It may take years,
Before anyone realizes it done.

What is good enough for some,
May not ever please the one...
Still seeking to know the difference,
Between mediocrity accepted.
And what is meant by 'good enough'.

One who creates anything made to be done,
Is not often the one...
Awaiting to take a bow.

"What is it that you are looking for?
What are you seeking to accomplish? "

-Something better done.-

"Than what? "

-I don't know.
I have yet to find it.-

What does good enough mean to you? "

-Something that could be better.-

"Than what? "

-Better than what good enough is.-

Are driving me crazy! "

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