If I Only Could

If I Could Turn Back
All The Hands In Time
I Would Forget Everything Else
Making You Mine.

Making The Moon Glow
Making The Sun Shine,
Making You Sleep In My Arms
Not Just Tonight But All The Time!

I'm Sorry I Keep Things From You
I'm Sorry I Always Make You Cry
I'm Sorry I Can't Be That One Perfect Guy!

I Wish To Be The Reason You Smile
I Wish For The Tears You Cry,
To Be Happy Ones as I'm By Your Side
I Want To Hold You But You Wonder Why!

Things Could Be Better You Say...
But How I Cannot See,
As I Think Things Are Perfect Already
Why? Well Your Next To Me!

As You And Me Is All I Ever See
We Truly Were Meant To Be,
If You Ask Me Id Just Waint And See...But
As Usual If Only I Could Be...

Steven Reynolds

by Steven M A Reynolds

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Sylvia, guilty as charged... of making a powerful point! Brian