Not Here To Beat The Beast

I am not here to beat the beast.
Nor did I come,
To sneak a sniff of its presence.
Not to cower kneeling in defeat.
To please rumors of a haunting...
Suffered without investigation.

That beast has been feasting,
Long before I arrived.
And I'm sure...
If it knows you are here in fear,
It will not suspect
I have desires to follow in its footsteps!
Wherever it has been claimed to be.

But I am curious,
Why you have allowed it to eat
From your peace that decreases.
While you complain...
Little of your gains are left!
As you struggle over what remains.
Who and why...
Decided for you,
That should be a position to maintain?

I came to ask the beast to leave.
Not to agree or negotiate my presence.
Like that beast...
I too have needs!
And I will not sit in hiding,
To decide which needs of mine...
The beast can take,
Because I sit in indecision!
To inflict my own heartaches.

Oh no!

I am not here to beat or feed any beast!
But I will make an appearance made known.
And tell that beast to leave my ass alone!
I am not going to endure any conflict,
Over that which I know belongs to me!

That beast needs to see,
I am not afraid!
Where is it?
And who has said the beast existed?

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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