Not I Knows Nor You! ! !

The things that happened to us,
Looks like a mysterious track of bus,
Those unforgettable moments,
Usually passed away like a flow of river,
That waiting feelings of time,
Was mine and yours vine,
But don't know why you left me alone,
It was our truly passion that have been flown,
Remember those days that we spent together,
And don't forget them as a flying feather,
Your beautiful pink eyes and lovely cute smile,
Took me towards your heart flights,
But i still cares for you,
So please discuss the things,
That are same in us,
Which not i knows nor you!

by Anamta Ali Pasha

Comments (2)

I can relate to this poem. Nicely written. I look forward to your future writings.
A touching poem with very poignant meanings, thanks for sharing