Not Illusions From Slept Dreams

A shock comes to wrestle,
Sleepers from the deep!
Nothing believed has credence...
As perceptions from minds will leap!

A discovery is made,
And kept secret no more.
Life forms on the Moon will beam,
To have lived under crystal domes...
And glass towers that soar!

Restricted from this knowledge,
No longer are we kept!
Those who have seen,
Weird and unusual flying machines...
Will question their existence,
As well as our own for sure!

And all of those who dismiss this as myth,
Will soon be awakened,
Like never before!
As we will find a way to rid all limitations...
That divided nations with racial sensations.
And throwing concepts of creation...
Quicker than lightening,
Right out of barricaded and fenced in doors!

Knowing what is seen...
Are not illusions from slept dreams!
And conflicts to ignite wars,
Will make less sense forevermore!

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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We have word just in that Sputnik 1 and Explorer are headed there now to take them out. All these many years they have both maintained radio silence...conspiracy theory pundits claim President Bush is behind this.