Not In The Mood To Laugh

Some use a different approach,
On those choosing to insist...
Upon using the same old tired tactics,
To provoke others folks as if to joke.

And the ones not accustomed,
To getting attention...
Perceive upon the getting of it,
They've been chosen specifically...
To become obnoxious.
And the doing to be idiots has been approved.

And those using a different approach,
Let them continue...
With allowing all of their vanity exposed.
Especially those who impose unlimited disrespect,
Until they are shown what they did not expect.

'What you did really offended me.
You didn't have to do that to me so publicly.
You should have known I was joking.'

And when were you going to notice,
I was not in the mood to laugh?
At my expense.
I suggest and recommend,
If you should do that again...
Let me know you are going to entertain,
And I will be prepared to charge admission.~

'Why are you so 'sensitive'? '

~There are times when I am thrown,
Unexpectedly to be highlighted in spotlight...
I am not the one seeking the attention that's given.
If it's going to be done without my giving consent,
I will take advantage to return to me what has been sent.
If you are offended,
Keep what you give to do to others to yourself.~

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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