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Not In This Time

In this time
I may not
freely do sex
Not in this
time I find
the peace and
my enemies
For someone you
can't postpone some
actions just because
they are in
a hurry and
they believe
that this is
the best time
In this time
I will not
be happy and
The time should
fix things but
not this time
It is difficult
to have the
perception of indefinite
It is no
longer the time
of betrayal and
Not in this
time it's possible
to be obsessed
or to have
a slow life
I want to
transform myself but
not in this
time it happen
It's not in
this time that
you have to
remain completely alone
It's not in
this time that
you can believe
in miracles
This is not
the time to
be confused or
It's not in
this time that
you can ask
for full help

by Laura arwen

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