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Haiku- Obsession
EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)

Haiku- Obsession


Just as you walked into the door. I let you into my life not knowing where life would lead us. Not knowing that you would beat me with your fist. Not knowing that you would abuse me in every way. Not knowing that you would rape me. I was gonna leave you but you threatened to kill me. So I stayed with you. I wanted to run as far as I could away from you. I just was to afraid. Everyday as I walked down the street I would cover all the way up. My friends would ask me if I was ok. I would say yeah but they knew what was up. They tried to reason with me. I wanted to leave him. I couldn't he said he would straighted up. I try to do everything to make things rite try to do what he would say or get thrown against the wall. I would cry when he wasnt around. Everyday I wanted to pack my bags and just call all of my friends and ask for help. Everyday of my life with you was so miserable I just couldn't take being with you anymore. You would use me in anyway possible. Anger problems you would take it out on me. One day I finally gave up and called my friends asking for help. I got help for you. Now I know where you are and not near me. I just want everything to be right for you. Then maybe I can let the door open again for you.

June 2005
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