SR (july / texas)

Not Like That!

No one can believe,
that we are over,
we were gonna be the ones that were forever
but you needed someone esle
that wasnt me.
you just move on and forget, but,

Not like that.
your not just done with me
Im gonna come back
and babe I promise
it wont be pretty.

trying to kiss my best friend
doesnt win me back.
it pushes me away. pain through a sore heart.
I want to be in your arms.
but your already with another girl.

Not like that,
your not just done with me.
when I come back
babe I promise,
it wont be pretty.

we could be back together
yes? NO! I will never
set myself up for that again.
Im not that kind of girl.
but you, you are that kind of guy.
I knew it from the start!
but I ingored it!

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if u knew it from the start why did you give him a piece of your heart